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Pequitobun Catalogue
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New Collections for Spring 2012

sister necklaces- summer lalala

I call these sister necklaces, their focals are made from a pair of earrings and hence are a bonded pair, and two of a kind in the whole world! You will be purchasing both necklaces.

This pair of necklaces are made from a pair of sassy vintage enamel floral earrings. Simply matched with cloudy quartz and freshwater pearls, one is strung on vintage bright green enamel chain (for the girl looking for a summer of funfunfun) and other other on vintage heart linked brass chain (of course, for the girl looking for a summer of lovelovelove!).

Heart-shaped chain is about 40cm (16 inches) around, and shorter green enamel chain measures about 38cm (15 inches) around. Closed with 14K gold-filled spring clasps.

One pair only in the whole world! Handmade in the USA.

sorry, this is sold out
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