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Pequitobun Catalogue
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New Collections for Spring 2012

sister necklaces- sail away me and you

I call these sister necklaces, their focals are made from a pair of earrings and hence are a bonded pair, and two of a kind in the whole world! You will be purchasing both necklaces.

This pair of necklaces are made from gorgeous detailed vintage Damascene sailboat earrings that are so adorable. Matched with large faceted genuine ruby gemstones, either a vintage green glass heart charm or skull charm and vintage black glass bead chain on 14K gold-filled chain, these are offbeat and pretty at the same time!

Chain measure about 50cm (20 inches) around with a 2.5cm (1 inch) drop. Closed with 14K gold-filled spring clasps. One pair only in the whole world!

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