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Pequitobun Catalogue
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New Collections for Spring 2012

About pequitobun

pequitobun jewelry marries the old-fashioned loveliness and detail of vintage jewelry with gemstones and other materials for a fresher, edgier take that is modern and wearable. Using the highest quality materials, including karat gold, 14K goldfill and gemstones, and carefully chosen vintage pieces, each piece is individually handmade by the designer, and either one-of-a-kind or very limited edition. pequitobun jewellery is proud to combine the ethos of recycling with the sustainability of quality durable materials, and seeks to create jewellery for every occasion, from a fun night out with the girls, to everyday signature pieces, to the grandest events where only the best will do.

Press mentions for pequitobun include the TV show Gossip Girl, magazines/newspapers Lucky, Life and Style Weekly and the Boston Globe, and online on the Urban Outfitters blog, Glamour and FabSugar.

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About the designer

Pequitobun jewelry began in 2006, in the Boston apartment of designer Sherry Libedinsky when she was a doctoral student in the suddenly strange land of Paul Revere and crimson sox. A bookworm with a love for fashion, in historical Boston, she developed a love for all things vintage - furnishings, clothing, and jewelry: quaint charms, lockets and brooches. Seeking an escape from the occasional (ok, maybe more than occasional!) failed experiment, she started making jewelry with vintage things: little projects of art to wear and delight in. Happily, people liked and wanted to buy her designs, and so she started the business for serious!, naming the line after her cuddly lop-eared bunny pequito.

After graduating in 2009, Sherry moved back to her hometown of sunny Singapore, bunny and husband in tow, where pequitobun is now based. Everything is still designed and handmade by her, and designing still brings her much joy, in between all those failed experiments ;).